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New Patient Experience

Deciding on Chiropractic

The first and most important step begins with you choosing to take control of your health. By deciding to become the best version of yourself, any goal you want to accomplish becomes a reality. Whether those goals are getting out of pain, recovering from an injury, creating a healthier lifestyle, increasing your fitness, becoming a better athlete, or simply wanting to feel great, we’re ready to help. By scheduling your new patient visit online, over the phone, or in person, your Prior Lake Chiropractor will stand by your side until you reach those goals and all the new ones to come.

Now that you’re fully committed, the process to making that difference in your life can begin. Further, our electronic health record system, Jane App, will send you the new patient paperwork, which includes chiropractic consent, HIPPA agreement, and health history forms. Thankfully, you can complete and upload them easily from home. Don’t worry, we have paper forms in the office if you prefer. However, we do ask you come 10-15 minutes early if you choose to complete the paperwork in person.

Dr. Cole, a Prior Lake Chiropractor

First Appointment

What to Expect:

This initial appointment takes about one hour where you work directly with Dr. Cole, Dr. Connor, or both of your Prior Lake chiropractors. They’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, goals, and health history before conducting an exam. Additionally, this exam can include range of motion, neurologic, and orthopedic or functional movement testing to identify areas of improvement or potential problems. Lastly, they will use their best clinical judgement to provide safe, effective, and specific treatments. These treatments can include adjustments, soft tissue work, and exercise. From the very first visit, Lakeside Chiropractic will be there to support your journey to becoming the best you possible.

Second Appointment

What to Expect:

The second session takes about 45 minutes, starting with Dr. Cole or Dr. Connor asking how you’ve felt since the first treatment. Remember we’re a team when it comes to improving your health and reaching your goals. Therefore, the doctors will sit down with you to help you learn more about your body or concerns. This can include education on different findings, potential exercises, and even risk factors that can be modified. Lastly, you will undergo your second treatment to continue reducing pain, increasing movement, or improving your every-day performance. As a part of your team, Lakeside Chiropractic works hard to help you accomplish your goals.

Dr. Connor, a Prior Lake Chiropractor
Dr. Cole, a Prior Lake Chiropractor

Typical Appointment

What to Expect:

A normal visit will lasts about 30 minutes and can include adjusting, soft tissue therapy, exercise mechanics, lifestyle education, or a combination of all. Dr. Cole and Dr. Connor will use their experience, clinical knowledge, and treatment guidelines to provide the best care they can. Additionally, as your time continues, the doctors will monitor your progress to identify if you’re on track to reach your goals. As a result, you work side-by-side to create the positive changes in your life. Whether you find yourself living pain-free, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or finally finishing a marathon, Lakeside Chiropractic wants to be with you every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Prior Lake Chiropractor

Do you take insurance?

Lakeside Chiropractic does not work with insurance companies because we work for our patients. As soon as a chiropractor agrees to work with insurance, their treatments become dictated by their rules. At Lakeside Chiropractic, we provide our patients inexpensive, high-level treatments for their specific conditions to ensure they get the care they need. As a result, our cash-based system allows full financial transparency and expectations with no surprises. Lastly, we can provide as much help as we can for self-submissions.

The total cost becomes different for each patient depending on their specific plan and goals. However, we typically work with each patient on a visit-by-visit basis. As a result, you decide with us to create the most affordable, thorough, and efficient care possible for your needs. Also, our 2023 fee schedule is as follows:

New Patient Visit (19-Years-Old and Above): $150

New Patient Visit (18-Years-Old and Below): $100

Returning Patient Visit (19-Years-Old and Above): $50

Returning Patient Visit (18-Years-Old and Below): $40

What makes this Prior Lake Chiropractor different from other chiropractors?

Lakeside Chiropractic is unique for many different reasons. First, Dr. Cole and Dr. Connor use a patient-centered approach. Their goal is to improve the patient’s health and lifestyle, while ensuring they are providing care in the best interests of the patient. Second, our clinic gives whole-body care. Every piece of the human body works together to let a person live their life. Therefore, Dr. Cole and Dr. Connor make sure to treat it that way. Lastly, Lakeside Chiropractic focuses not only on the short-term goals of the patient but on the long-term goals as well. We want to be your partner in health over the course of your lifetime to prevent pain, improve function, and enhance longevity.

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